Card Rate Cut? Just Ask For It

I had reached a stage where my credit card was approaching my limit and the monthly charges were crippling. I was going nowhere fast as the charges each month on top of trying to pay some off the total were getting too much! I found inspiration on the Oprah Winfrey Show of all places. I was so impressed by a strategy that helped viewers ask for a better deal from their credit card providers that I decided to give it a go myself.

I used my credit card for occasional travel and other business-related expenses as well as personal ones. I was careful to save money where I could. It’s hard to find someone to help you on that. My keenness to find new ideas and tips on money is why the Oprah Winfrey Show recently caught my attention. They talked about how Americans could approach their credit card providers and pressure them to cut their rates. They even had a script you could use, so I downloaded it.

If Americans could use this approach why not Australians. I went on to my favourite ebook superstore cbdeluxe and there was a wealth of information there also. I then rang by credit provided and asked the question. They wrote back saying they were glad that I’d asked and would give me a rate reduction. This was a great result and I was delighted it was so easy!

After that experience, I urged my partner to contact his card provider, remind them what a good customer he’s been and ask for a rate review on a rolling balance on his card. Initially they resisted, but we asked to speak to the supervisor.

They responded by saying that if we transferred the amount on my card balance to their card, they’d cut the rate for the life of the debt. We were staggered…it really pays to try this out.

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