Capital One Credit Cards: Card Offers For All Credit Types

No matter where your credit stands, Capital One has a credit card just for you. Want cash back but have less than perfect credit? You can get a cash rewards card from Capital One. Want to be awarded for your history of on-time payments? Capital One offers extra incentives for those with excellent credit. From customized cards to “no hassle” rewards, you’re bound to find a Capital One credit card that fits both your credit score and style.

A Card for your Credit

Capital One offers cards for all types of credit, including excellent, above average, and those that need improvement. If you have above average credit and want to receive cash back, consider Capital One’s No Hassle Cash Rewards Card. With this credit card, you’ll receive 1% cash back on all of your purchases. It has no annual fee, and you’ll enjoy a 0% interest rate on all you buy until June 2008.

If your credit needs improving, you may still be eligible for a similar credit card. The Capital One No Hassle Cash Rewards card offers the same program. You’ll get 1% cash back on purchases. Because it is geared for below average credit, it has an annual fee of $29. This card has a 0% interest rate on purchases until March 2008.

Many Capital One credit cards operate in a similar fashion. You can choose the benefits you want, whether that be cash back, miles, or a low interest rate. Then match those benefits to your credit rating. You’ll come away with a credit card designed specifically for your needs.

Understanding your Credit Score

Since many of Capital One’s cards cater to different levels of credit, it is important to understand how that credit score is determined. The most important factor is your payment history, which contributes to 35% of your total score. Paying at least the minimum due on your credit card over a period of time will significantly boost your credit rating. Your length of credit history and the types of loans you have are also taken into consideration.

The “No Hassle” Perks

Many credit card issuers offer rewards programs and Capital One is no exception. However, Capital One works to streamline the process, making it easier for customers to calculate their rewards. For example, some credit card companies offer a layered cash back program. Customers may earn less than 1% for the first $1500 they spend, and then a higher percentage for the next $1500, and then a different rate after that. Sound confusing? It can be. To simplify the process, Capital One offers a straight percentage rate for cash back and rewards. This lets you know what you’re earning for each dollar spent, no strings attached.

If you want a credit card that issues miles as rewards, you’ll find a similar “no hassle” feature. Capital One offers 1.25 miles for every dollar you spend. So as you swipe your card, you can immediately calculate how many miles you just earned. That is a simple process compared to many other travel reward programs.

Capital One offers card options that fit your credit needs. Its hassle-free features help you calculate your cash back and travel miles. A Capital One credit card may be your ticket to headache-free rewards.

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