Black Wall Street

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Did You Know There Was
A ‘ Black Wall Street ‘ ?

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Black Wall Street, Tulsa Oklahoma 1921

Not many people know that there was a very successful and thriving community of black businesses in an economically sound black community in Oklahoma that caught the attention of the local white population.

Out of jealously and unjustified hatred the local white population, which included ex-service men, teenagers, children and even women, destroyed the black community by killing hundreds of black people, men, women and children. Before executing their victims, they had them hand over anything on their person of value. Not satisfied with that, they searched the homes of their victims and took any thing of value as trophies, even sharing them with their children.

Many of the black people who lived in that community were business owners who had worked hard to build their community over several years.

The actions of the people who destroyed that black community in Tulsa, Oklahoma were never brought to justice.

In a 12 hour period a complete town including homes, businesses, churches, hospitals and schools were burned, destroyed and even bombed by aircraft!

These videos raise several questions:
Why this story has never been addressed in recent years ?
Why with all of the modern crime fighting tools available, why has no one stood trial or been convicted for these crimes ?
Who were the officials in power at this time ?
How have their families profited from this ?
How will the families and descendants of those who suffered be compensated ?
What has been done to ensure this never happens again ?
Is this likely to happen again?

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