Black Sterling
The New Book
By Khadijah Ward

What Would You Do? If Law Was Passed Tomorrow Stating; We Are No Longer Allowing Black People to Operate in Our Plantation Economy; No Housing on our Council Estates, No Lending of Money,No Shopping in our Supermarkets, or working on our Our Corporate Plantations. How Would You Survive?

Black Sterling.

The New Book By Khadijah Ward.

Black Sterling by Khadijah WardKhadijah Ward is a British Author, Social Critic and Public Speaker. She is also an avid promoter of Black Economic Self-Reliance, and the empowerment of people.


Black Sterling by Khadijah Ward

Black Sterling: Black Briton’s Proven Path to Escape Systemic Racism and Subjugation, And Operate in an Alternative Economic System.


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Introduction to ‘Black Sterling’ by Khadijah Ward.

“Black people must do for self or suffer the consequences.” — Elijah Muhammed.

Elijah Muhammed’s statement is simple yet powerful. He was basically stating that if you, black people, are not self-reliant, but dependent upon the systems of others, you will be subject to an oppressive existence with negative outcomes.
The situation of the black people today, is evidence that we as a people, are not in control of our own community, neither are we responsible for our economic condition, and as a result as a nation you are suffering.


As a nation we do not own property, resources or institutions. We are dependent upon euro-centric infrastructures, and systems for all of our basic human needs, to include; housing, education, jobs and financial attainment.
These systems upon which you and I rely, execute oppression, injustice, inequality, indignity, brutality, poverty, and even death for some of you or your loved ones. They oppress you to limit your social organisation, financial success and freedom as a nation.
Since the days of slavery, your life has been controlled through systems by rich and powerful men, that do not look like you. You are their commodities, the source for their wealth. Essentially you are modern day slaves.

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