Black Children And Technology

Ebony Black Business Directory Black Children and Technology photo by OER Africa

Are Black Children And Technology A Suitable Match ?

Does the topic of black children and technology even need to be discussed?

In today’s society there is an inescapable and silent partner. Technology.

Ebony Black Business Directory Black Children and Technology photo by OER Africa
Black Children And Technology

Everywhere we go – it’s there. An unseen and silent force that we cannot avoid or escape. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to sleep. In some ways it is a great ally and in other ways an unforgiving foe.

Even when we don’t realise it, technology is around us everywhere everyday. Even in the furthest parts of the world, technology is present and often giving us insights into parts of the world we did not even know existed.

A few examples of technology most of us don’t know about or did not know had already been invented:

With all of these advancements being made in those few examples, think of all of the other areas where technological advancements are being made:

  • Food Industry
  • Farming and agriculture
  • Housing and construction
  • Space exploration
  • Energy

And there are many more.

How will the black race participate in these advancements ?

Will we be leaders, co-leaders or followers – or not included ?

These are decisions that we make every day – accept it or not.
If we begin or continue to acknowledge that black children and technology will help us achieve some of our aims and goals as a race then we will be better poised to face whatever the future brings us.

Historically we have been at the forefront of achievements; before and during what in Europe was classed as the ‘dark ages’ or ‘medieval’ times we flourished in terms of the technology we had. Even up to now we are still making great leaps forward not just as individuals but as a race.

There are reports available that indicate that technology is creating a generation of children who will not be able to interact socially with society because they are always on their smartphones, tablets computers or other computerised devices. Also there are people who think that children will have reduced speech capabilities, spelling capabilities or even writing and mathematical problem solving abilities. And it is true that if a device can do all of those things for you then you don’t have to learn to do them yourself as you can rely on a device to do it for you.

To an extent there are negative aspects of technology that do need to be addressed.

There are also the positive aspects that do need to be thought of too.

Black children and technology is a topic that we need to explore and encourage with an open and reasoning mind set.

Yes there are problems that can arise through technology.

There are also an infinite number of positive possibilities that become available too.

For many years the Internet has to an extent ‘leveled the playing field’ in terms of how business is conducted on a global level. An idea can now be shared, reviewed, invested in or even sold in a matter of minutes.

There are already many people who have personal experiences that black children and technology can make a positive impact in our world.

For example Osine and Anesi, two young black teenagers who used their skills to build an Internet browser ‘Crocodile Browser Lite’ to match that of Googles’ Chrome, Mozilla’s Fire Fox and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer !

Kimberly Bryant is the founder of Black Girls Code, a nonprofit that teaches coding to girls from underrepresented communities and promotes black children and technology. Ebony Directory - Black Business Directory - Image: Black Girls Code
Kimberly Bryant is the founder of Black Girls Code, a nonprofit that teaches coding to girls from underrepresented communities. Image: Black Girls Code

And Kimberley Bryant Founder of an organisation that teaches girls how to become a computer programmer, a potentially VERY well paid skill. It is a fact some computer programmers earn over £300 / US$434 per day for their work.

This earning potential can also be said for various roles that exist within the IT industry.

Black children and technology is new ground that we should embrace without hesitation, however with a rational mindset that protects while encourages discovery, determination and success.

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