Black Businesses And The EU Referendum

Ebony Black Business Directory Black businesses and the EU - European union flag photo by Yanni Koutsomitis

Do Black People Consider The Outcome Of Black Businesses And The EU Referendum ?

Should we be concerned regarding black businesses and the EU referendum ?

There are some who say yes, some who say no and some who have no clue as to what the EU referendum is. Basically this is what it is all about:

On the 23rd June 2016 there will be a national vote to determine if Britain stays as a member of the European Union. The EU is a group of 28 nations that joined together to encourage economic relations between themselves. The voting choices are ‘Yes remain as part of the EU’ or ‘No leave the EU’.

If Britain remains a part of the EU it is reported that Britain will have better trade relations with other EU members and will also be a part of an unrestricted travel system where EU citizens can travel freely between EU countries. Britain also will not have to use the Euro as currency but instead can keep using the British Pound. Additionally remaining part of the EU will make it easier for any EU citizen to come to Britain to work and / or live.

If Britain decides to leave the EU it has been suggested that this will have a negative impact on British trade relations within the EU and perhaps other countries in the world. President Barack Obama has already hinted this could be the case between Britain and the U.S.

Donald Trump thinks that Britain should leave the EU as he thinks Britain would be better off.

In fact most of the EU politicians and media figures, even many global ones have an opinion on what should happen.

So what will be the concern for black businesses and the EU referendum?

At the moment there is a growing awareness that black people should be supporting black businesses. Most of the other races around the world support their own businesses and with the potential of many more Europeans coming into Britain that definitely means more money for businesses based here in Britain. However, does that mean that Europeans will come to Britain and happily support black businesses which could mean black businesses owners becoming wealthier?

In some cases yes, but not necessarily in all cases.

Here in Britain there is a relatively stable atmosphere in regards to how people of different racial backgrounds get along. Interracial disagreements, although sometimes so serious as to be fatal, without downplaying any of these senseless acts, are usually sporadic and are usually treated with disgust by all races. This unity has often been shown with public demonstrations where all the races have got together to show support in opposition to racism.

However not all Europeans feel the same way about black people.

There are still parts of some countries in Europe where we black people are treated badly simply because of the colour of our skin.

Ebony Black Business Directory Black businesses and the EU - European union photo by Blatant World
Black Businesses And The EU Referendum


Many people will have the attitude that ‘why are black people always bringing this stuff up?’ or ‘that was in the past lets move on!’ or ‘why do you always have to think negatively?’

Unfortunately, unless a person doesn’t have a TV, Internet access, a radio and / or REFUSES to see how black people are STILL being treated around the world, racism is still an issue. Many black people have decided to become part of another nation which is their choice and in some ways serves them a purpose. However, it is always a good idea to remember ‘Not learning the lessons from the past, gives history a chance to repeat itself!’

Ebony Black Business Directory Black businesses and the EU - European union flag photo by Yanni Koutsomitis
Black businesses and the EU Referendum – The EU Flag

So should the EU referendum cause any concern for black people and black businesses? That remains to be seen. This much we do know. Europe is a continent that has existed for centuries. We as a race have existed for thousands of years. Europeans under the EU have already united. They have a common language or common languages, they have businesses set up and they are furthering their aims and goals with or without black peoples vote or consent.

We need to be furthering our aims and our goals to secure our future and the future of our children.

Another thing to take note of is – would we as black people choose to stay and live in a ‘disunited Europe’ ? When we look at this question we can see that where we choose to live is often based on the stability of that place.

If we as black people built our own financially and politically  sound environment, would we choose to stay there and have better lives?

The topic of black people, black businesses and the EU referendum will be debated by many but we won’t know the outcome until after the vote.
Possibly months or even years after the vote.

Promises are usually made before votes.
Facts and proof usually come along after.

Get more detailed information on the EU referendum here.

2 responses to “Black Businesses And The EU Referendum”

  1. Great article. It is incredible that with only a few days left before this “momentous, life-changing” referendum, there has hardly been a murmur of what effects staying or leaving the EU will have not only on the black community, but specifically black businesses. Why is it that none of the black MPs have raised this in Parliament or in the media?

    Prior to the EU, Britain had a healthy trade record with former Commonwealth countries (well it did do quite well out of many of them before ALLOWING them independence)! Since Britain joined the EU this relationship has dissipated and many citizens of former Commonwealth countries find themselves persona non gratis. Surprisingly most of these countries seem to have a predominately black or Asian demographic.

    This referendum SHOULD be very important to the black community and black businesses, but until we change our attitudes and support our businesses then we have no voice and remain unheard.

    It is time for black politicians and heads of black businesses to address these issues, raise their concerns inform and support the black community.

    • Interesting response Winston

      Interesting response Winston.

      Even though this article was written over a year ago there doesn’t seem to be much that has happened (or at least appeared to have happened) regarding Brexit and black businesses.

      What’s your opinion on that?

      Do you think Brexit will affect black businesses in a negative or positive way?

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