Basic Information On Credit Card Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation allows you to speed up the time for paying off your debts with lower monthly bills. Should you opt for credit card debt consolidation, you can expect to pay off your current debts in three to six years. However, keep in mind that terms and conditions can change in a debt consolidation plan.

Types of Debt Consolidation Loans

Different types of debt consolidation loans are available to you, depending on your ability to pay. For instance, there are debt consolidation loans that you can pay off in a short amount of time at lower interest rates. There are debt consolidation loans that you can pay off in a longer amount of time but at a higher interest rate.

The interest rates of debt consolidation loans are also variable. For instance, with a variable rate debt consolidation loan, you can make extra repayments anytime without extra cost. However, with a fixed rate debt consolidation loan, you can only pay fixed repayments for the duration of the loan.

Go with the Lowest Available Interest Rate

Many consolidation loan applicants face the problem of not getting the lowest available interest rate. Thus, before signing off with a debt consolidation agency, make sure that the new interest rate on the consolidation loan is indeed lower than the interest rate you are paying to your creditors. Ensure, too, that you can secure your loan with something, such as your house for instance.

To determine if the new interest rate you are being offered on a consolidation loan is indeed better than the current interest rates from your creditors, calculate the interest and fees of your existing accounts. This will give you the total payments you are currently making. Compare this figure with the consolidation loan amount. A good debt consolidation plan will offer you a lower figure.

Tips to Remember When You are Under a Consolidation Loan

As with any type of loan, make timely payments if you are already under a consolidation loan. You should make your credit payments to your consolidation company because they are responsible for dividing the amount and determining how much goes to each of your creditors.

Making payments on time gives your creditors the impression that you are serious about paying off your debts. Avoid delayed payments or worse, skipping them, as this can prompt your creditors to go back to normal collection activities. Even worse, your creditors can put you back on the regular interest rates and fees.

Keep in constant touch with your consolidation representative. Your account may be turned over to a collection agency so it’s wise to keep your agent updated regarding any changes on your account. This way your agent can work with you and help you solve any problems that may crop up.

Keep an eye out on the monthly statements sent by your creditors and see if the rates have been reduced. Once you are under a debt consolidation plan, your creditors should stop charging you for late fees. Also make sure that your debt consolidation company is paying your creditors the right amount.

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