Bad Credit No Money Down Loans: Help Within Reach

There’s no place like home, and no one believes this mantra more than Americans. In fact, three out of four Americans dream of residing in homes that they own. Furthermore, a very dramatic change has taken place in the United States. Today, for the first time in American history, homeowners now outnumber renters.

What is causing this national craze over homes? The answer is convenience. Lenders and brokers have made it unbelievably easy for people to buy a house. As a matter of fact, even people with bad credit can purchase homes, too. This is possible through bad credit no money down loans!

Merging the Credit Profiles
There are specific steps to take when applying for bad credit no money down loans. First, personally merge your credit profiles from the three major reporting companies, namely Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, into a single report. It is wise to handle this task yourself, to avoid affecting your credit score. The Internet provides several sites you can create the report.

The Magic Number
If your credit score is below 575, you have a few options. You can try to reestablish good credit by getting some credit. Some credit cards and car loans, for example, provide you with means for reestablishing your credit. Another step is to register with a credit repair company and delete some of your credit’s derogatory items. This will boost your credit score. Also, show proof of two years of rental history or a recent mortgage.

Revisiting the Credit Report
After obtaining a credit score of 575, examine your credit report again. You need a credit line with a history reporting of about a year. Also, you should have no more than two one-month late payments. Furthermore, your credit lines must have a high limit of $3,000 or more. Lastly, your credit report will require you to open credit line reporting. At this juncture, acquiring a bad credit no money down loan is very feasible.

Applying for a Loan
When applying for bad credit no money down loans, remember these guidelines. First, never apply to several lenders at the same time. Doing this will compromise your credit score. Credit inquiries comprise 10% of your credit score. If several companies access your credit report, your credit score could be reduced a whole lot more.

Avoiding Predatory Lenders
Another thing to keep in mind is the need to work with an experienced and scrupulous loan officer. Predatory loan officers will take advantage of your bad credit to charge you higher interest rates or upfront charges. So, it pays to do your research. Known what qualifies as fair pricing, given your credit predicament. Knowledge like this will let you enjoy bad credit no money down loans and at the same time, dodge high fees and interest rates.

Good People, Bad Mistakes
Bad things can happen to good people, and debt is one of them. So, when you write a Letter of Explanation for Delinquent Credit, be truthful. Lenders who do their research will spot your lie, anyway. Honestly explain your debts away. Remember, it is human nature to first be concerned about one’s own interest. If you want a bad credit no money down loan, put yourself in the lenders’ shoes. Your lender only wants to know one thing: will he get his money back? He won’t be interested in hearing your dreams of owning a home, how another lender swindled you, or when your dog ate your credit report.

Securing a home loan is difficult enough. Getting bad credit no money down loans is an even bigger challenge. Don’t turn your back on a challenge you can win. You, too, can get bad credit no money down loans. All it takes is paperwork, and truckloads of patience.

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