Attention Retirees: Beware Of The Current Inflation Rate

For your parents’ and grandparents’ generation, retirement investing guidelines consisted mainly of preserving their assets. Back then, such advice made perfect sense, because retirement represented a shorter period of a person’s life. The new retirees not only live longer, but have to contend with the current inflation rate. Our economy is based on global performance. The world is smaller and anything that occurs across the globe reaches our shores.

Big industries are no longer dependent on only what is happening in America. What happens across the sea does not stay there; it makes its way here. Our economy is much more sensitive to world events. Oil, gas, and raw material prices are increasingly affecting the product cost and the price to bring it to market.

Today retirement requires a whole new way of thinking. For the first time in history the economy depends on the countries of the world for cooperation and stability. As past generations had to rely on the U.S, economy for the relative safety of their investments, this generation has to make sense of changes in the world market. The domino effect now is dependent on a world economy. That means watching the European, Asian, and Middle East regions for possible upheaval. Remember, all that happens in these parts of the world will affect the current inflation rate.

A new millennium has new rules to live and invest by. The bar has been raised on fund management. The social, demographic, and economic trends provide for multinational companies. The risk today is the political turmoil and global upheaval in a world connected by technology. With home prices slumping and fuel prices climbing the people affected the most are those on fixed income.

The choices proliferate for those that wish to invest in managed funds. There are long term investments, mid-term, and short terms. Retirees usually need financial advisors to help redistribute their portfolios. This especially true if you do not have the knowledge to shift though all the choices, it can be too daunting a task.

Risk management takes on a whole new meaning for retirees in today’s world. Long-Term care can drain you of more than your rainy day funds. The aging population and inadequate health care is making this a burning issue that must be considered when having someone review your portfolio. So between Annuities, Funds, Bonds, CD’s, and saving, you need some one with the knowledge to direct you and guide you in choosing solutions that may generate enough income though your retirement. There are many long term care policies available today that can be a great benefit.

The average time to regain your investment in a care facility is just seventy seven days. This make getting one of these policies very attractive.

Chart a solid strategy with a financial advisor. This approach stands head-and-shoulders above going it alone in the world of finance. The technical analysis that is provided has the long term solutions that an investor needs. It is time to take stock of your retirement and discuss the options that will empower you. Familiarize yourself with Keiber Retirement Solutions, Inc.

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