Are 0 Interest Credit Cards Reality Or Myth?

If you are looking at owning a new credit card then obviously 0 interest credit cards hold a lot of appeal for you. Anything with 0 interest does grab attention, for that matter! But in the name of 0 interest credit cards, there is a lot of subtle dodging that credit card companies are playing with,to ensure you catch the bait. The question is will you?

Admit it. You are hooked on the 0 APR credit card ad that you just saw in the morning newspaper,and your interest is piqued. Are these 0 interest credit cards a reality or are they just a myth?

The truth is, they are and they are not! They are for real because there are cards that live up to the promise to a certain degree, but the truth is also that this 0% interest does not last long. It might just be an initial gimmick to get you to apply and once you’re a cardholder, you will only have the 0 APR credit card for just a short time (3 months, 6 months, or if you’re very lucky 12 months) before they start charging you a higher rate of interest. Truly, this credit card game is an interesting one to watch, if you are the suffering player. Read on to know what you can do to make sure you are not the sufferer.

Understanding 0 APR Credit Cards

Admittedly, 0 APR credit cards hold a lot of enticement. But here’s what you’ve got to do when you find that a 0 APR card that has piqued your attention. Pay attention to how long the no-interest period will last, whether you can transfer other balances at the 0% rate, and, most important of all of these, what the APR rate will be when the offer ends! When you are done assessing these parameters you can properly finalize from the card options available.

The Luxuries of Owning a 0 APR Credit Card

If you’ve already accumulated a huge debt on your previous credit cards, there’s good news for you. A 0 APR credit card is known to benefit users with large outstanding card balances in a big way. Not only are these users able to cut down the amount of interest incurred upon their debt, but with the help of a 0 APR credit card they can also gain access to competitively priced cash advances, which can help consolidate outstanding high APR debt. There are fees and APR’s attached to these cash advances, however.

Pitfalls of 0 Interest Credit Cards

*Most (in fact all) 0 interest credit cards offer 0% interest or no interest only for a limited amount of time, which varies between 6 to 12 months.

*If you’re thinking of transferring balances from high interest credit cards, some of these cards might not even allow you to do so during the introductory 0% offer period.

*Certain 0 APR credit cards might also charge expensive balance transfer fees.

*Some of these 0 interest credit cards also carry very high penalties for late payments and automatically switch you to a variable APR rate for a late payment.

*Certain 0 APR credit cards charge a very high interest rate after the introductory (read honeymoon) period expires.

Yes, the picture is definitely not all rosy, even though you can undoubtedly save money through the use of some 0 interest credit cards, not using them judiciously can be an expensive proposition. So choose and use them wisely.

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