Applying For Credit Card With A Bad Credit Rating

Have you found yourself in a downward spiral trying to get caught up on bills, yet only finding your debt climbing higher and higher? Unfortunately, that is a reality for many people in society today. The amount of debt per family in the United States is at an all time high. This type of spending behavior and financial planning will lead you to have bad credit. That will only add to your cycle, as you will find your interest rates for major purchases and credit cards with climb as your credit rating falls. Thus, you will struggle more and more financially.

Individuals find themselves with bad credit for a variety of reasons. No one really sets out to have their finances in a mess. Some simply do not know how to budget their finances and over spend. Others find their finances changing do to a loss of employment, illness, divorce, or death. For others, it is a habit such as gambling, online pornography/phone sex, drugs, or alcohol that leads to bad credit because they are not using their income to pay their debts.

What can you do when you have bad credit? You have several options available. First, it is always important to contact lenders when you can’t make your payments on time. Most will work with you to find a solution that works. They want to get paid, so they are often willing to adjust minimum payments. The solution will depend on the lender, the type of payment, the amount owed, your payment history with that individual lender, and the situation that led to your inability to repay the lender.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by bad credit and a pile of bills you can’t pay, there are credit counselors available to assist you. There are many programs available that allow you to consolidate all of your debt into one loan. Often, that program will contact your lenders to work out lower interest rates. It is important that you check to be sure the program is reputable as there are some fly by night programs that will take your money and run. The Better Business Bureau can assist you with such research at no cost.

Regardless of why you have back credit, it is possible to slowly build it back up over time, even if you have had to file bankruptcy. You may find yourself having to pay higher interest rates, but doing so will help you rebuild your credit worthiness. A secured credit card is also a way to do this. It is different from a regular credit card as you must deposit funds to be able to use it. For example, you deposit $500 to the credit card company, and you are issued a credit card with a limit not to exceed $500. This protects them from the possibility of non-payment on the account.

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