Applying For A Bp Visa Rewards Card

The BP Visa Rewards card is issued by Chase and developed for consumers with a good to excellent credit rating as recorded with the primary consumer credit reporting bureaus. If you have good credit, you can be approved for a BP Visa Rewards Card and enjoy many of its benefits.

An application must be submitted in order to be considered for a BP Visa Rewards card. The application process is simple and can be conveniently completed online. The long term benefits of owning and using the BP Visa Rewards Card are many, but the introductory rewards issued to new account holders are even better.

Those who apply and are approved for a new BP Visa Rewards card will enjoy introductory benefits that include no annual fee and 0% introductory rates on both purchases and balance transfers. Additional introductory rewards include a 10% rebate on the net purchase price at participating BP locations, 4% rebates on the net purchase of all eligible travel and dining purchases and a 2% rebate on the net purchase of all other eligible purchases. Eligible purchases include all those restaurants and the multitudes of business establishments that display the Visa or MasterCard logo, with the exception of those classified as fast food restaurants and those establishments where non-BP or non-Amoco fuel is sold.

The introductory time period for a new account will differ depending upon the applicant’s credit history. A most favorable credit history will entitle the applicant to a 6 month introductory period and they will be in a position to receive the rewards previously described for the first 6 months. A credit report that is less favorable may result in the issuance of a BP Visa Rewards Card with a 3 month introductory period applicable to balance transfers only.

At the end of the introductory period, the BP Visa Rewards cardholder will be entitled to a 5% rebate on purchases from all participating BP locations, a 2% rebate on the net purchase price of eligible travel and dining purchases and a 1% rebate on all other eligible purchases. The 0% introductory interest rate will be adjusted to reflect a relatively low variable rate, currently at a low 15.240%.

The additional perks and options available to those who apply for and receive a BP Visa Rewards card include extended warranties on purchases, emergency card replacement, various internet account related services, emergency cash replacement, and large variety of travel and emergency assistance services.

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