A Credit Card For The Honeymoon Couple

A Credit Card For The Honeymoon Couple: It is so easy to recognize newly married couples. Even the ones that do not walk around like Siamese twins have a twinkle in their eyes and a glow on their faces that gives them away. Of course, once the honeymoon period is over, the issues of daily life have to be dealt with. Long hours at the office. Coming home to wash dirty utensils or cooking. Paying the monthly bills. Marriage is not like permanently being on cloud number nine! It has its ups, but it also has an equal number of downs.

So if you are a newly married couple looking forward to sharing wedded bliss together, you should take care to see to it that you learn to deal with the potential thorns in your relationship. And finances are one of those thorns.

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If both of you are working, the question of who should be paying which bills will arise. Be prepared for long-winded arguments over the size of the phone and electric bills. It is amazing how many arguments begin and end over monetary issues. How do you minimize the occurrence of such arguments? Perhaps you should consider mechanisms such as that of the joint credit card.

How do you get hold of a joint credit card? It really is quite simple. You could directly apply for such a credit card. Alternatively, you would have to give your spouse’s details to the credit card company asking them to add him/her to current credit card account.

Sounds a lot like the joint bank account doesn’t it? However, despite the similar nomenclature, joint credit cards are not all that similar to joint bank accounts. Whereas in the case of the joint bank account, both signatories are held liable for the debts that are incurred, in the case of a joint credit card, the original signatory is held liable.

This is highly recommended for those who are in a completely stable marriage. However, if you are the type that marries fifty or more times, I would suggest that you steer clear from such an account. If you take the risk of annoying your spouse too much, you might just end up penniless, thanks to a revengeful shopping spree on his/her part.

As with everything, even a joint credit card has its set of cons. Moreover, it is a big step to take. Are you ready to make such a commitment? Sharing a credit card with someone else is a huge bug deal. Don’t take such a giant step unless you are convinced that you are prepared..

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